Best Baby Food Steamer and Blenders 2019- 2020


Best Baby Food Steamer and Blenders 2019- 2020

No more Jarred baby food! As parents, we would want the best for our children including comfortable wear and nutritional food. When they can start having their first solid food, it is essential to use the right equipment for preparing the food as it is the best way to control the consistency of baby food and also to keep more of the nutrients.

We will be introducing 6 Best Baby Food Steamer and Blenders then do a comparison among them at the end to choose the perfect one we think parents must have or a great gift for parents- to- be. If you like to skip all the fuss, you can click on the link right below to read reviews left by other parents who have found it useful in making baby food.

Our All Time Favourite:

1. Homia Infano 7 in 1 Baby Food Maker

Product Specifications:

  • BPA, Phthalate and Lead free
  • Anti-Mold
  • Defrost, chop, blend, reheat, warm, clean and disinfect
  • Smart touch control panel
  • Auto shut off
  • Blend all types of food- Fish, meat, fruits
  • Dishwasher safe

The new and improved Homia Infano 7 in 1 Baby Food Maker is one that parents can trust to do a good chop and blend, having the perfect smooth texture suitable for your baby or toddler. That said, the multiple functions are what we like about this Homia, making it so easy to create meals. Be adventurous with the food you want to give your little one, be it chicken chunks which is rich in protein or carrots that helps in the development of their eyes. You could even make more to keep for subsequent meals within the day.

The Homia is also overheat protected whereby there is not enough water in the water tank, the food processor would automatically shut off so you don’t need to worry the food maker will overheat. The inner steam basket allows you to steam food and the you can control how much broth you want to add back to your baby’s food to adjust the food consistency.

Just note that Homia can’t be used to blend frozen fruits and vegetables, simply defrost it then chop it finely. Simple recipes are included in the instruction manual for new mummies to try out!

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2. Zanmini 6 in 1 Baby Food Maker

Product Specifications:

  • BPA safe
  • Defrost, chop, blend, warm, auto clean and disinfect
  • Detachable blade for easy cleaning
  • Top slot for warming milk bottle
  • Dishwasher safe

The Zanmini Baby 6 in 1 Food Maker is extremely practical with it’s multiple functions and making baby food becomes so easy, you have more time to keep an eye on your little one. Stackable steaming basket for you to steam different food at the same time. Need to sterilize your baby’s pacifier and little spoons? Place them in the stirring cup and choose to disinfect on the control panel.

For working mothers who keep their breast milk frozen, this would be best suited for you to heat up the milk with it’s convenient reheat feature, simply slot the milk bottle in and select “warm” to heat up the milk for about 2.5 minutes. Other than that, the water tank has a diameter of 3.1 inches which can easily fit a wide mouth bottle.

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3. QOOC 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker

Product Specifications:

  • BPA, PVC, lead, Phthalate safe
  • Defrost, chop, blend, steam
  • Auto shut off
  • Uniform heating to prevent loss of nutrient
  • Dishwasher safe

Preparing baby food is just so simple with the QOOC 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker, no matter what kind of puree you are going to make for your little sweetheart. It is also a quick process, get the ingredients ready, even if it is freshly taken out from the fridge. Use the defrost, chop, blend and steam function with simply the press of a button and the thing we think is a plus point is the intuitive timing function based on food type- choose the required preset cooking time for meat, vegetables, fish. It will always be steamed for the right amount of time.

New parent could also benefit from this food maker, mummies can use this to steam pieces of fish using the easy preset time feature and when it is ready, it would auto off so you don’t need to worry while keeping an eye on your child. You could also use the steaming cup to measure how much you need to cook and make precise amount every time.

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4. Vacucraft 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker

Product Specifications:

  • BPA free
  • Defrost, chop, blend, steam
  • Water level view window
  • Dishwasher safe
  • shatterproof

Upon receiving and opening the Vacucraft 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker for your first use, the whole set up made it real easy and straight forward. It is fuss free to top up water in the water tank, and you could always check the water level with the view window, even in the midst of steaming, you can easily fill it up using a glass.

We like that the steam basket is able to fit in big chunks of a whole apple and you simply need to turn the knob to select the time needed to steam the food or you can choose how to blend to get the texture that is suitable for babies to toddlers. In that way, the containers are wide and easy to clean as well. Fret not if you like to save time and leave it in the dishwasher, it is safe to do so. Furthermore, it is odor and stain resistant which makes it more durable and long-lasting to use.

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5. Whales’ Love 5 in 1 Baby Food Maker

Product Specifications:

  • FDA, FCC certified
  • Steam, Steam- blend, blend, reheat, auto- clean
  • Smart touch control panel
  • Components are dishwasher safe

The Whale’s Love Baby 5 in 1 Food Maker is easy to set up and has great safety precautions therefore you can put your mind at ease. It has suction cups on the base of food maker so you can fit it tight on your counter, even when you leave it on your dining table and your child happen to be pushing everything away, this would not give way and cause an injury.

It has a large capacity to cook more, you can save it in portions and keep in the freezer then when your hungry baby is crying, simply take a portion and hit on the reheat button. It does a quick job in blend, steam or warm the milk bottle. The clear cut smart touch control panel makes operating it a breeze, it also includes an auto cleaning function and you can simply leave the used steam basket in the dishwasher, these are what makes whales lovable and one that parents should buy!

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6. Bable All in One Baby Food Maker

Product Specifications:

  • BPA, lead and phthalate free
  • Defrost, chop, blend, reheat, warm bottle, puree, juice, clean, dry
  • Auto shut off
  • stackable steaming baskets
  • Viewable water level meter
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 30 days risk free refund and 24 months warranty

The Bable All in One Baby Food Maker will not take up too much space on any counter top even with the stackable steaming baskets. We think that the best part about having separate steaming baskets is steaming different food- meat and vegetables at the same time then puree it together.

Things made easy when there is an auto- clean feature and your food maker will be kept at tip-top condition for your next use. There is a viewable water level meter so you will know when to fill in more water, additionally we suggest changing fresh water in the water tank every time you are preparing for a new meal.

Not only that, it has all the feature you need for your little ones’ meal time, you can reheat frozen breast milk, warm a bottle, juice from fresh fruits and vegetables, defrost food, steam and blend all in one. You will be able to whip out babies meal in the shortest amount of time with great nutritional value.

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Are Our Concern The Same As Yours?

The reason for getting a baby food maker could be simply to make things easy when making meals for your little one. From their 6th month, we also think it’s the best time to test out your child’s likes and dislikes or even allergies’. We suggest starting with different single ingredient and jotting it down in a logbook, in that way you can keep track of what you have tried feeding them.

The trick is when you know all your little sweetheart’s favourites, you could whip out a delicious meal for them when he/ she is feeling cranky. It probably goes the same for the young and old so have a go at any one of the Baby Food Makers we have here and you could make a meal for the whole family with the same ingredients. Let’s say chicken pie for the older ones and chicken pie puree ( Chicken chunks, green peas, carrots) for the little one and perhaps blueberry “smoothie” for dessert. We think making pasta is possible too!

Nothing is more important than using quality products that are BPA, phthalate and lead-free. Additionally, hygiene is utmost important as our babies immune system are not strong enough and extra care should be taken are of. We want to go for baby food makers that are easy to clean, the best if there is auto cleaning feature or we simply do an extra step to sterilize the bottles and containers we used to contain and make baby puree.

Comparison- Best of the Best

We want you to have the Best SunnySideUp Experience every time you purchase a product that we recommend and when choosing a Baby Food Maker there are certain criteria that makes it superb!

Quality Material

As we mentioned slightly earlier about our concerns and the importance of using quality material. To fight it out among the best, we simply add in the condition for it to be dishwasher safe and shatterproofed therefore parents can feel safe there will never be a broken piece in their child’s puree.

Multiple Functions

We do like the basic 4 in 1 features that most baby food makers has, with those it would be tremendous help in preparing baby food and sufficient for making puree. However, when we researched on a range of baby food maker under similar price range, we want to go for one that has the auto-cleaning feature and can sterilize bottles so it makes parents job a notch easier!

Not just for your little one!

Is it limited just for making baby food? The food maker is suitable to make puree for babies to diced vegetables for toddlers. Not only that, we think mummies who wants to get back in shape after pregnancy can use the food maker to steam your food and gauge your own food intake. And similar as making your baby’s food, by using the food maker you retain as much nutrients of all the natural food ingredients in the process of cooking.

That said, we voted Homia Infano 7 in 1 Baby Food Maker as the choice parents must buy! Simply click on link to purchase one today!

Sunny Side Up Baby Food Recipe

When your kid is ready to adventure with solid food, we suggest start with small portions and definitely important to look out for any allergies’ reaction. The ingredients we have chosen to use here are high in nutrients such as protein, fibre, beta carotene which are essential for healthy growing. Please be sure to get the creamy texture so it will be best suited for baby aged 6-12 months.

Banana and Berries Delight ( suitable for 6 months onward)


  • 2 ripe banana
  • 30g organic blueberries
  • 1 tsp organic honey- optional
  • Breast or formula milk to get desired consistency


  1. Chop banana using selected baby food maker
  2. Puree banana and blueberries together
  3. Then warm it for 2 minutes*
  4. Lastly, add breast or formula milk to adjust consistency and honey if desired

*Warm when needed or if required.

Sassy Chicken Pie Puree ( suitable for 8 months onward)


  1. Diced chicken and carrot seperately
  2. Steam chicken in one steam container for 15- 20 minutes, carrot and green peas in another steam container for 10- 12 minutes using selected baby food maker
  3. Place chicken, carrots and green peas together then puree
  4. Lastly, add breast or formula milk to adjust consistency

* Please do not use frozen green peas

In conclusion, we like you to get a great product for making your baby’s food, one that is easy to use, fuss free to clean and most importantly feeding your darling the best nutrients essential in their growing years. Don’t hesitate to choose from any of our recommended baby food makers as we are sure purchasing any one of it will be the best choice you made today!

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