Best Compact Refrigerators 2019- 2020 : Under $100

Best Compact Refrigerator 2019

Best Compact Refrigerators 2019- 2020: Under $100

These days everyone love the convenience of having what you need near you that is why a compact refrigerator is one of the essentials you will love to have in your room. Those are great for keeping food, fruits, snacks, drinks, skincare, breast milk, insulin and medications. If you are searching for one but unsure what kind to get. We are here to give you a few ideas to make things easier. For a start, how about an adorable sized refrigerator that doesn’t get in the way and has storage space for at least a few cans of soda?

Majority of the compact refrigerators has the same must have features, while some has additional features that will definitely spark joy in having it at home. Here I will be going through the Best Compact Refrigerators of 2019- 2020 that are under $100!

The Best Value Pick :

Our All Time Favourite:

1. Cooluli Coca-Cola Americana Retro Compact Refrigerator

Product Specifications:
  • Cools down to: 35° – 40° below ambient temperature
  • Warms up to: 149° on internal thermostat
  • Inner dimension of 7.2” W x 6.7” D x 10.6” H
  • Has an easy to carry handle
  • Standard US outlet or DC 12V car socket
  • One Year Warranty

The Cooluli Coca-Cola compact Refrigerator has a good size, allowing you to store 12 regular cans of soda. It has two shelves that are removable and can free up more space for taller bottles. It has a carry handle which makes it easy to bring it out on road trips, you can plug it in your car with the cable that is included.

This compact refrigerator is a warmer as well, you can simply turn it to the warm mode and it will warm up or keep your lunch toasty. In terms of daily use, there isn’t a problem to keep it plugged in to your electric socket and if you are leaving it in your office, you could unplug it during the weekends.

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2. Frigidaire Retro Compact Refrigerator

Product Specifications:

  • Product dimension of 10″(L) x 7″(W) x 10.5″(H)
  • Standard US outlet or DC 12V car socket

The Frigidaire Retro Compact Refrigerator has the primary function to keep your things cool and a little peephole for you to see what’s in there. It has two sizes for you to choose from, one that fits 6 cans or 12 cans and in three vibrant colours that will look great with its retro design. If you like it fancy, it is one that will never get out of fashion.

Whichever size you prefer, it would fit neatly on your desktop, side table or inside your cabinet. We like that it is lightweight and the door handle clips on nicely so that it is secure enough to leave it in the passenger’s seat to prevent things from flying out when you are driving.

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3. Smad Portable Cooler Warmer Compact Refrigerator

Product Specifications:

  • Cooling:59℉~68℉ below ambient tempreature
  • Heating:+131℉
  • Product dimension of 10 x 7.4 x 11.2 inches
  • Standard US outlet or DC 12V car socket
  • One Year Warranty

The Smad Portable Compact refrigerator has a full clear door so you know what you have inside without opening the fridge and you won’t forget to finish any food before its expiry date again. It is ideal for storing perishable food like fruits and yogurt.

While the primary function you may need is for cooling thing, it gives you an option to warm your food so you can keep some leftovers warm and finish it slightly later. It will take about half hour to one hour for the interior space to turn completely warm. You might like to change its settings one hour beforehand so you get to enjoy warm food during your lunch break.

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4. Marvel Iron Man Compact Refrigerator

Product Specifications:

  • Cooler and warmer feature
  • Standard US outlet or DC 12V car socket
  • Exterior measurement of 11.5″ H, 7.5″ W, 11.5″ D
  • Has a carry handle

The Marvel Iron Man Compact refrigerator is armed with the cooling and warming feature as well and with a carry handle you can just take and go. I promise you will not regret getting this fridge as a collectible, it is functional, versatile and simply because it is Iron Man.

A cool feature would be that Iron Man’s eyes light up by a separate switch, you can use it as a night light if you like. It is captivating as a centerpiece, you can impress your friends during your casual get-together or you can probably tell young kids that Iron Man is watching so they should be in good behaviour.

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5. Gourmia Compact Refrigerator With Bluetooth Speaker

Product Specifications:

  • Cools down to 32℉ below ambient tempreature
  • Warms up to 150℉
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Product dimension of 11.1 x 9.8 x 7.4 inches
  • Standard US outlet or DC 12V car socket
  • One year warranty
  • Free Amazon Tech Support included

The Gourmia Compact refrigerator with Bluetooth speaker is the most brilliant recommendation we have here! It’s best when you have company or at a party, you can connect your iPhone, Android or any compatible smart phone to stream music or podcast while enjoying some beer with friends. The refrigerator and speaker works separately, so you can have just one of them on, or both, as desired.

It can hold up to 6 regular cans of soda and with a shelf that is removable, you can have 4 tall bottles of water store neatly inside. For one that has multiple features and cost less than $100, there is absolutely nothing not to like! It will be up a notch if Gourmia has it in a few different colours.

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6. Star Wars Bb8 Compact Refrigerator

Product Specifications:
  • Standard US outlet or DC 12V car socket
  • Product dimension of 12 x 8.5 x 12 inches
  • Has an easy to carry handle

“Work your magic, buddy.” – Poe Dameron

This adorable Bb8 mini fridge is not going to be following you around solving all your problems but you can bring it around with you in your car, and for a good reason it keeps your things chilled. If you are a big fan of Star Wars you would like to take a closer look at this, it is not only functional as a fridge, you can have it at the corner of your room as a collectible item.

Not only that, it also has the feature to keep your food warm, you can set it to warmer mode one hour before lunch and when it time, you will have a delicious warm lunchbox ready for you.

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7. SMETA Cooler Warmer Compact Refrigerator

Product Specifications:

  • Cools down to 5℃-15℃(42℉-59℉)
  • Warms up to 50℃-55℃(122℉-131℉)
  • DC 12V/AC 110V power supply
  • Product dimension of 9.8 x 10.4 x 12.2 inches
  • 6 Months Warranty

The egg shaped compact refrigerator is one of the smaller ones you can find in the market. If you have space constraint in your bedroom or study room, Smeta compact refrigerator is the right one for you. Although it only has space for roughly 6 cans of beverages, it has a door shelf where you can slot a few packets of face mask and chocolate bars.

This could be an easter surprise where you store all your chocolate stash for your visitors to find. Just beware not to switch the warmer on or you will find a hot chocolate mess.

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8. Cooluli Cooler Warmer Compact Refrigerator

Product Specifications:

  • Easy to switch from standard (110V) to car (12V) to USB 2A power bank.
  • Sleek design for desktop use
  • Inner dimensions of 5.3″ L x 5.7″ D x 8.3″ H

If you are searching for an affordable compact refrigerator, you would love the Cooluli Cooler Warmer Compact Refrigerator, it falls under $50 and is particularly compact. With the lower price, it doesn’t mean you get lesser than what you see in other fridge. Similar to a few refrigerators we have here, it can fit in 6 regular cans of soda, has the warmer function and of course the cooling system and what’s more?

What we like about this fridge is that it can work using 2 amp power bank via USB cable so you can literally carry it with you wherever you go. It weighs just 4.6 pounds, so you don’t need an army to move it across the field. For its price, you will only have good things to say about this little thing.

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9. Koolatron Coca Cola Compact Refrigerator

Product Specifications:

  • Cools down to 32F degrees below room temperature
  • Product dimension of 10.4″ x 7.4″ x 11.5″ with one adjustable shelf
  • Standard US outlet or DC 12V car socket
  • 90 days Warranty

The Koolatron Coca-Cola Compact Refrigerator is the more stylish Coca Cola “mini” refrigerator out of all the classic red double Cs you can find. It provides the same compatibility of using it at home or having it plugged in a car. Although it only has the basic function to keep your things chilled, it is one that you will love after years.

It has a self-locking recessed door handle and it pretty much means you can lightly flick the door back and it will do the job by locking the door tight. It can hold 6 cans of beverages or when you remove the shelf you can fill it with 2- 3 bottles of water.

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10. Chefman Eraser Board Compact Refrigerator

Product Specifications:

  • Cools up to 32°F below ambient temperature
  • Warms up to 150°F
  • Sleek design and convenient carry handle
  • Includes plugs for both standard home outlets and 12V car chargers
  • Inner dimensions of 5 x 5 x 7. 5 inches and includes removable shelf
  • One Year Warranty

You will love the Chefman Eraser Board Compact Refrigerator if you have the habit to write down notes to act as reminders. Instead of having Post-It notes all over, you can use a marker to doodle things on the door of your fridge. Chefman has included 3 different coloured markers for you, and you can simply clean off the writings using a damp cloth.

We selected this as one of the best compact refrigerators because we think that it would be great to have in your dorm or office. Your co-worker could easily leave you a message on your fridge while you are away, and the warming feature can keep your coffee warm while you study or rushing to get your assignments done.

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Things To Consider When Choosing a Compact Refrigerator:

To help you narrow down your choices when buying a compact refrigerator, we created a short list of what you should look out for when choosing the most suitable one for yourself.

Fancy Appearance:

Anyone would love something that looks good on the outside and is usually the foremost deciding factor before you add it into your shopping cart. While it also depend on buyer’s preference on colour and design, we say choose one that will spark joy when you see or hold it. From our research, we learned that black, red and white are popular choices as preferred by most users.

It would be a perk to add it into your home space as a furniture, you can leave it on your desktop, TV console, or coffee table. It might be hard to tell that it is a refrigerator until you tell your friends it is. It can be used as a decoration or kept as a collectible and since it does not take up too much space, you don’t need to think too long where to place it.

It can be your fancy lunch box at work, once you get to your desk, just slot in your lunchbox and beverage and you will feel at ease knowing your food is not going to turn bad. A plus point is that you won’t ever need to worry about chocolate thief in the office when you have your personal fridge to keep it.


While most of the users are satisfied with having an adorable sized fridge, choosing one that is lightweight and portable is one of the factors when getting a compact refrigerator. It is a great additional tool you need at home and when you are on the go.

It depends on what you like to have in your fridge, maybe a few cans of beer or soda, your skincare or to store your lunch box at your office. These compact refrigerators all has a good amount of space to put a dozen of facial masks and a toner. One plus point of a small fridge is real easy to clean.


We dig deep to find out what are the features most people want in their compact refrigerator because user’s experience is important in the long run. Do you want it to store drinks, keep snacks or you want more than that? Because those we recommend here does more than just cooling your things.

Most of these compact refrigerator has the function to switch from cool to warm whenever you want it to so what’s not to love about its dual functionality. If you like to switch from cool to warm, unplug and leave it for 30 minutes then switch it to use as a warmer.

If you are one of those who will forget about small perishable food you left in the fridge, we have found the perfect solution to that – Smad Portable Cooler Warmer Compact Refrigerator. Having a transparent fridge door allow you to see what you have in there effortlessly and you will definitely remember to finish it next time.

Due to its size, it does not have a freezer compartment but it is cool enough to chill quite a few items. It is extremely portable, having one that is lightweight and has carry handle, you can bring it out with you anywhere you need. A great example would be using the mini fridge to replace a cooler box with heavy packets of ice. You can avoid the messy situation, keeping the surrounding dry and not needing to clean up the melted ice after.

You can have it in your car using the DC car cable and it is most suitable for anyone who are often on long car rides or road trips. You can also leave your coffee inside the “fridge” to keep it warm while you hurry off to attend matters.

Lifespan/ warranty:

There is a lifespan for all electronic devices, typically 3- 4 years for a compact fridge with constant usage as the fan would exhaust out. To prolong the lifespan of your compact refrigerator, you should ensure that there is good ventilation around the fridge, clean off dust that can accumulate and affect the functioning of the fan system.

If a compact fridge when purchasing comes with a warranty, do remember to register for the warranty and keep whatever necessary documents that is required.


Regarding the price factor, we like to know if you would pay more for a more reputable brand or felt that its fine to purchase any brand as long as it does not burn a hole in the pocket. The feedback we got from a couple of potential buyers was that they prefer one that is more affordable, and all of them agree it must be from a reliable brand to prevent unnecessary accidents.

We have spent hours researching for the most affordable compact refrigerators and all of these refrigerators has a lot of positive reviews left by other customers on Amazon. If you like to read those reviews, you can click into the link under the product description to check them out.


To sum it all up, having a compact refrigerator means you can use it at any occasion, any season, anytime of the year. It is great to keep a warm drink in there during winter and to keep things chilled during summer, especially summer, the chilling function is a great way to advocate safe food keeping.

I would say this is the one of the essentials you will need to have if you are a driver, a student or someone always on the go and you can save money by having your own beverages in your “mini” fridge.

Are you still unsure which compact refrigerator to go for? Here are our Sunny Side Up recommendations again! If you choose one of them, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

The Best Value Pick :

Our All Time Favourite:

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